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After all bets have been placed, the dealer and the players receive their cards face down. In this card fight, you fight only against the dealer, not paying attention to the other participants at the table, so your combination of cards will be compared with the cards in the hands of the dealer. After the first three cards are dealt, you have the opportunity to bet the game, the value of which is equal to your first required bet. For a winning combination, all cards are suitable except for the queen, six and four. If they fall out, it is better to discard the cards. In this case, the victory remains with the dealer. To win, the dealer must have a queen of the highest rank in his hands. If the dealer has a jack or lower, the player gets his game bet back. If the dealer has a queen or higher, but at the same time the player has better cards, the latter wins both bets (playing and initial) in the ratio 1:1.

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